Addictive Video Games

Why Are Video Games So Addictive?

Over the years there have been many questions asked on the subject of the addictive motives of some gaming developers who some people believe are creating these gaming series for the sole purpose of addicting the games users to generate large amounts of profits. The subject is wide open for debate as many anti gaming groups claim that these addictive properties are having the affect of keeping our children from every day socializing and play activities.

The question we would like to discuss is whether or not this is true and if so how these development companies are creating these games in this particular way. The best answer we can give to the aspect of are the games addictive is yes, we have found that they are addictive to many people if they in fact let them be addictive as we feel it is more up to the choice of the gamer than anything else. There are of course elements which are implemented into games which increase the chances of a gamer becoming addicted and below we will look at some of these characteristics.

The first of these issues we will look at is the facility to compete with your highest score against other gamers all over the world on a variety of games. Many gaming providers create a page on their inline websites dedicated to listing the best scores to be achieved on the said game so people can aim to become the number one score for that game. More information on Game research can be located on this Game Study resource from a reputable open university in the United Kingdom.

This can be very addictive especially for those of us who have a competitive edge as we will always do our very best to the best at anything we do in life and that includes playing these games. I can say from personal experience that this type of competition really does drive your competitive edge as I have never been under the top one thousand in online game rankings and still find myself spending hours at a time trying to break into the elite of the game. Another aspect of a video game that can make the gamer very addicted is the beating the game aspect. By this we mean that levels within games can be very challenging and can take all of your efforts for long periods of time to complete a certain level and this can make you addicted in a matter of hours.

Many an hour we have been stuck on a certain level and then continued to play it until we beat the game so we can feel satisfied with our performance. In relation to factual data on some impact factors on gaming, more details facts can be found on the official Harvard University resource on video games and learning this data is very useful as it is concise and accurate. Learn more about other games with our handy Minecraft game review resource.

One of the most addictive aspects of a game we have found is that of those encased within role play games as many of the players we have surveyed have stated that once they begin this type of game they found it increasingly hard to stop. The main reason for this is the emotional attachment to the characters within the game that the gamer feels.

As the gamer steps into the lives of their characters they find it extremely difficult to stop which leads to more and more hours of game play which were not planned. University studies with Cambridge and Harvard offer a futher insight into games and how they impact on society. Resources of Interest for this area can be found on the BBC New Website offering a Study into Games. In addition if you are interested in more educational related information for the Games Industry and Courses available to learn more please review Games Technology Courses as well as Game Design Courses these two types of course offer a variety of knowledge.

The final aspect of the addictive properties of any video game that we have to include is that of the relationships that are built within the online multiplayer facility that is available in most modern games. This feature allows the gamer to create many new relationships and gain friends by competing online with and against other players from all over the world. This has changed gaming from a single player activity to one where you can enjoy your favourite games with all your friends wherever they are.

As you can see there are many aspects of video games that can be addictive if you let them but do video games developers really create them with this single purpose? We personally do not think so and feel that these above aspects are solely created to add a higher level of enjoyment to the gamer which to be fair we cannot complain about can we?