Best Console Role Play Games of June 2021


The role play game has seen a great rise in popularity over the past few years.  And now offers gamers a totally different aspect of gaming than the normal run of the mill games that many of us have become accustomed to.

So what makes a grear role play game?

The games themselves offer the player the chance to leave this world behind and participate in many great adventures where they become one with the characters. These games are especially popular among women and children more than the male population is they require a lot of patience and mental thought.This gaming genre has become so popular within the past couple of years.  And we have seen a huge rise in the amount of these games that have found their way on to the market.

This has had the effect of producing so many of these games for you to choose from that it can be incredibly hard to choose which one to get so we have decided to list a couple of the very best role play games ever to help you along.

The first Role Play Game Review

The first of these games that we feel is the best of the bunch are the Elder Scrolls series of games. They have won many prestigious awards from leading games reviewers all over the world. The game is set in the not so near future where gamers must participate in countless adventures and missions in the hope of freeing their planet from slavery. The game is a great source of fun.  And has some of the most detailed and visually stunning backdrops and levels that you will ever see on a game in this genre. Players will be challenged from start to finish in the hardest way possible as you try to lead you champion to victory over his evil enemies. We also recommend our readers take a look at our Minecraft review page as well as our addictive video games resources.

The game itself has some of the most exciting game play we have ever seen.  It is easy to play for both the novice as well as players of the previous editions of the game. The graphics engine is where this game comes into its own.  It offers some of the most highly detailed graphics we have seen on any role play game.

Bethesda games have obviously put so much work in to these graphics as there are simply not faults with any of the content.  You could not expect them to improve on this in any way, it is absolutely phenomenal as it is. With a big thank you also to Game Reviews for providing us with some of the review resources.

Best Console Role Play of 2021

The next best ever role play game that has itself had a great success since its release.  And grows more popular every day is Fable 2 which sees the second edition of this exceptional series finally hit the gaming world.

This game is arguably the best ever in its class. And offers the gamer a huge variety of missions, levels and puzzles to complete as they guide their characters around many complex and highly entertaining tasks. Players will lead their characters on the adventure of a life time.  As they attempt to defeat many evil and viscous foes that have overrun their kingdom and laid waste to their lands.

The game play of this title is very good indeed and offers a wide variety of features and functions.  Gamers must get to grips with if they are to defeat their enemies. The graphics are again superb from start to finish.  With awe inspiring landscapes and backdrops that have been created with some of the best detail we have ever seen.